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13+ Prep

Our tutoring services specialize in providing support for students preparing for the 13+ exam. Our team of experienced tutors have all attended top schools, many of which your children will be applying to. With tailored advice and personalized attention, we strive to help your child succeed in their academic pursuits.

English Tuition

Our 13+ English program mirrors the comprehensive approach of Key Stage 3 English, with a specific focus on exam preparation. Through personalized instruction and targeted exam preparation, students refine their critical thinking and writing skills, ensuring they are well-equipped for success in 13+ examinations and beyond, including GCSE English assessments.

Maths Tuition

Our curriculum emphasizes a comprehensive understanding of fundamental concepts ensuring students are equipped with the skills needed for success in exams and beyond. Through personalised instruction and targeted practice, we foster fluency, confidence, and problem-solving abilities essential for excelling in 13+ mathematics assessments. 

Science Tuition

In our 13+ Science program, we integrate the depth and breadth of Key Stage 3 Science with a strategic focus on exam readiness. Our curriculum covers biology, chemistry, and physics, emphasising core principles and practical applications essential for success in 13+ examinations. Through hands-on experiments, interactive learning, and targeted exam practice, students develop a solid foundation in scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. 

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