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English Tuition

Our GCSE English program is tailored to each exam board, focusing on precise text analysis and identification of subtle literary techniques. Through targeted instruction, students learn to discern these techniques and integrate them into their writing and coursework. With ample support and guidance, our coursework assistance equips students not only for GCSE success but also lays the groundwork for advanced study at the A-level, fostering critical thinking and expressive proficiency essential for higher-level English education.

Maths/Further Maths Tuition

Our GCSE Maths program is designed to support students across all proficiency levels, starting from foundational skills and extending to advanced topics, including further mathematics. We foster a comprehensive approach that nurtures problem-solving abilities, data analysis, communication, logical thinking, and attention to detail.


Our curriculum is flexible and tailored to the specific exam boards students are studying, ensuring alignment with exam requirements, and maximising exam success. We prioritise skill development, encouraging students to explore challenging concepts and push their mathematical boundaries.


Whether students are aiming for foundation or higher tier exams, we provide the resources and guidance needed to excel. Our goal is to empower students to not only master the content but also develop the confidence and strategies necessary to tackle complex problems and excel in mathematics at all levels, including further mathematics. 

Math Class
Chemistry Class

Individual Sciences

For Biology, Chemistry, and Physics at Wimbledon Tuition, our approach is comprehensive and tailored to cover all topics in depth, whether for double or triple science and across all exam boards. We ensure students develop a solid understanding of each concept, building confidence and proficiency in their scientific knowledge. Once students feel confident with the topics, we transition to practicing past papers together. Through this process, students refine their understanding of exam formats, improve their proficiency, and enhance their ability to apply equations effectively. Our goal is to not only prepare students for exams but also to instil a deep appreciation for the sciences. 


In our humanities program we provide comprehensive coverage of subjects such as Geography, History, Economics, Business, and Religious Studies (RS). Our curriculum delves deep into each topic, ensuring students develop a thorough understanding of key concepts and theories. We tailor our teaching to accommodate the requirements of different exam boards, ensuring students are well-prepared for their assessments. As students become confident with the material, we transition to practicing past papers and exam-style questions together, honing their proficiency and exam technique.

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Chalkboard with Different Languages


Our Spanish and French language programs are designed to enhance proficiency in listening, speaking, grammar, and writing. We recognise the challenges of learning languages and prioritise regular practice to improve fluency. With a focus on practical application and targeted exercises, we aim to equip students with the linguistic tools they need to navigate real-world situations effectively. 

More Languages Coming Soon !
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