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11+ Prep

The prospect of preparing for the 11+ exam can prove to be a daunting experience for students and their parents alike. However, with our team of experienced tutors who have themselves, been successful in this process, we strive to create a stimulating learning environment that both challenges and nurtures your child's abilities. Our dedicated tutors provide the necessary support to ensure that your child feels confident and accomplished during this stressful period, putting your minds at ease.


English Tuition

Creative writing:

We strive to ensure that your child's writing stands out by teaching advanced techniques and skills such as:

  •  Descriptive language, vivid imagery, and unique perspectives.

  • Varying their sentence structure and the use of literary devices such as metaphors.

​In addition, when it comes to exam prep, we help your child by providing timed writing exercises and constructive feedback. 

We believe that the key to success is practice! This is why we offer an abundance of practice papers to help your child improve their comprehension skills. It is important to

Maths Tuition 

We understand importance of building strong foundations for academic success. That's why we focus on the topics your child is struggling with and take it back to basics if necessary. Our approach provides a clear understanding and boosts confidence, leading to improved success rates in exams.

Math Formulas

Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning

We offer this service to help students prepare for the 11+ exams which require verbal and non-verbal reasoning. We aim to enhance 3D dimensional skills and provide practice under timed conditions, ensuring that students are well-equipped to excel in the actual test. 

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